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Total Defence Anti-virus; all in one protection software

Cyber Security has become an important factor these days. In the absence of strong cyber security software, individuals and institutions are subjected to malicious cyber-attacks and data breaches. While analysing the statistics, apart from big companies and organization, average every day customers are also subjected to ransomware attacks, identity theft and financial losses. Due to the advancement in technology, it just takes five minutes to hack your device which is connected to the internet. In today’s society, we all depend on internet for all of our needs. So it becomes easy for the cyber hackers to attack them.

To free from all these malicious threats, we require a reliable security solution which protects our system from all the known and unknown threats. Considering this, Total Antivirus software is a boon for the consumers. They come with all the advanced tools and features and provide 100% protection to our devices.

Total Defence is formed in the year 2011 with a limited number of users and with minimum features. Today, Total Defence is one among the efficient organization which develops anti-virus software. Now, they have around 4 million individual users. The company is located in California.

Total Defence protection is accessible to the customers in three different security plans:

  • Total Defence antivirus: This product is the backbone of the organization. They mainly provide anti-virus protection and also defend your devices from malwares, spyware, ransomware, botnets and other dangerous online threats. The developers release regular updates of the signature database which almost keep them free from bugs, glitches and vulnerabilities. Once an update is released, your system will automatically start the update process. Using this anti-virus software you can protect up to 3 devices.
  • Total Defence Premium Internet Security: This software is an advanced version of the anti-virus software. They provide much more sophisticated features than anti-virus. The major ones are anti-phishing protection and hindering malicious websites. The main highlight of this version is their encrypted vault, which protects your identity and safeguards your private data. They also ensure safe banking and online transactions. In their latest update, they have introduced a feature called ‘Threat Hunter’ in which dual malware scanning engines works 24×7 to protect your device. They come with an extra cloud storage space of 10GB which can be utilized for backing up important data.
  • Total defence Unlimited Internet Security: This is the most comprehensive type of cyber security provided by the company. Along with Premium Internet Security, they come with PC performance optimizer. They have specialized protection for your personal information and identity theft. This version offers to protect unlimited number of devices.

The professionals have awarded them with VB100 certificate, which means the software is capable of defending 100% of malware samples from the WildList Organization. This software is expert in blocking malwares and protecting your personal data. Even if the software finds a slightest bit of unusuality, they will block the application and website. Total Defence does not hamper the performance of the system. No Total Defence users have reported the slower performance of the system.

The Premium Internet feature is an added bonus because they offer multiple layers of protection for your privacy and personal data in an encrypted vault. Your financial data such as credit card details, debit card details and other sensitive information is also safe here. This will be useful will doing online transactions and online shopping.

The Identity theft features are compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and higher versions, Chrome v4.0 and above and Firefox 35.0 and higher.

It is easy to install Total Defence and they are user-friendly. To run Total Defence software efficiently, you require 2GB of internal memory, 1GHz processor and minimum 650MB of storage space.

The interface of the software is quite a catchy one with the shades of white, grey and orange. This offers great visibility and helps you to pick the options logically.

The security panel of the software consists of; Quick scan, Full scan and Custom scan. With these options, you can select the preferred file, folder or drive to scan.


  • 1 year 5 devices – Rs.4, 397
  • 2 year 5 devices – Rs.8, 055
  • 3 year 5 devices – Rs.11, 527

Total Security is one of the efficient cyber security software available in the market. For further details, visit

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