Total Av anti-virus software

Total Av anti-virus software; designed for your requirements

A reliable anti-virus software is a necessity these days. TotalAV antivirus is budget friendly software which is developed to protect your system from the threats of malwares and other malicious outsiders.

TotalAV acts as a perfect lock for your information and other sensitive files in your system. They can assure protection from high level cyber threats, both known and unknown. They provide real time protection when you visit websites or download files. TotalAV releases updates on a regular basis so that they are armoured to defend the latest version of malwares and viruses. They are user-friendly software with simple interface and features. Even if security softwares can’t assure you 100% protection, TotalAV has trapped malware, which other advanced softwares failed to detect. This increased the confidence in the software and today it has turned out to be the most used defending software with millions of customers.

TotalAV is equipped with all the necessary features that is required to protect your system and also has some advanced tools. The have the 6 basic features and some additional ones. They have an extended browser security which will alert you when you enter into any of the malicious websites or detect any phishing attacks.


  • Real-time antivirus: This feature protects your system from malwares, viruses, spyware, adwares, ransomwares etc. If any of these have accidentally entered the system, TotalAV spots them, quarantine them and eliminates them. The antivirus features perform regular updates on their databases and searches for latest threats.
  • Scheduled scans: This allows you to perform scan according to your needs. You can schedule the date and time of the scan. In scheduled scans you can run them as you like and choose the type of scan which you like to run on individual folders, drives or files. Apart from regular scans, performing scheduled scans can provide your system an extra layer of protection.
  • Web and anti-phishing protection: The highlighting feature of TotalAV is its safe web extension. They safeguard you from malicious adwares, phishing attacks and other dangerous threats lurking inside the web. This feature can be enabled in every web browsers and you must manually activate this feature in every web browser you use. When you search for a website and ends up in a totally strange site, then that site is infected by malware. TotalAV prevents you from entering such sites.
  • Secure VPN: There are hackers waiting to steal your information once you put them in any of the websites. In today’s society, information has more value than money so they have a greater demand and greater threat. Financial information can help the threat actors extract money from your accounts. VPN is used to secure your sensitive information to remain intact within the website without the fear of leakage. This is a premium feature and is only available in the paid version.
  • Remote firewall: Firewall acts as security guards between network and the system. Anything coming in and going out of the network should pass through the firewall. If any suspicious activity is found, the firewall denies the access into the system. TotalAV offers sensitive firewall that prevents unauthorized access and protect your private data.
  • Personal enhancement: Performance of a system can change for many reasons. It can be due to some errors, temporary files or piled caches. Personal enhancement feature helps you to clear these junks and boost the system performance.

Advantages of TotalAV

  • Efficient protection against all kinds of threats.
  • Better desktop version.
  • Basic free version.
  • Easy to approach customer service advisor.
  • Offers real-time protection
  • Provides optimised tools.

Nowadays ransomware protection is the key feature of every security software because ransomware attacks are increasing on a high scale. Some of the ransomware attacks encrypts you data and makes it impossible to view them, make alteration or save them. The data stolen by the ransomware, is lost data. TotalAV ensures multi-layer protection against malicious ransomwares using their advanced Webshield feature. They have capability to hinder low-trust websites and cryptomining URLs.


  • TotalAV Antivirus Pro, 3 devices per year – Rs.2, 125
  • TotalAV Internet Security, 5 devices per year – Rs.2, 860
  • TotalAV Total Security, 6 devices per year – Rs.4, 325

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