RememBear Password Manager

RememBear Password Manager; designed for your protection

RememBear is one of the latest password managers available in the market. In this short period of time, they have earned a good acclaim because of its security and privacy protection. They are developed by the same company that makes TunnelBear VPN whose main motto is to protect millions of internet usage around the world. They have a friendly interface and they provide step by step instructions on how to use different features including creating a master password, importing passwords, creating a backup kit and syncing system with other devices.

RememBear does not make any compromise in security, so your information will always be safe within their servers. Even though they are the latest password managers, some of the advanced features like breach monitoring, encrypted storage, password sharing etc. are not included in RememBear. RememBear is trying to provide a simple password manager that contains all the features required to protect your data and they are doing extremely well in that.

When you are selecting a multi-year plan, you will get 42% off on the subscription plan. For common users, this is the best password manager available in 2021 because of the cost-efficient plans and improved security.


Even though it is risky to store all your passwords in a single place, RememBear takes necessary precautions to keep it safe and secure from malicious outsiders and hackers. As a measure of safety, they use 256-bit AES encryption to protect your information. This type of protection is basically used by the defence department and government agencies. With the help end-to-end encryption, you can prevent a second person from seeing your login credentials; even RememBear does not what is stored inside their servers.

RememBear provides high-tech security safeguards like:

  • Secure Remote password (SRP): SRP makes sure that your data is secured when it is shared with other users and the RememBear’s servers.
  • Key Management System (KMS): KMS makes sure that your information remains encrypted even if the servers of RememBear get hacked.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS): The main intention of TLS is to protect your data from HTTP attacks.

Wherever your data is, if it is stored in the server or shared from one place to another, RememBear makes sure they are safe and protected from unwanted activities. However, RememBear consists of less additional features but with their basic features they provide the users with a convenient and secure password manager.

RememBear provides browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. With these extensions, you can easily manage different functions including auto-fill saved logins, generate new passwords etc. With RememBear you can instantly detect login fields and can auto-fill them successfully.

With RememBear, users are protected with a New Device Key (NDK). NDK is nothing but an instantly generated 16-digit code which is used to validate your system all the time when you log into your RememBear account. NDK is only generated in your device and will be visible on the device which is linked to the account. The generated code is never stored in the servers or can be shared online. Other than the master code, NDK acts as a second mode of verification. So even if the hackers manage to get your master password, without NDK, they cannot log in to your account.

Basically the function of NDK is similar to the two-factor authentication as they ensure that no one accesses your system without the physical availability of your device. With the help of two-factor authentication, you can stay secure and make sure that you are the only person who is logging into your account. You can integrate RememBear with other third-party applications like Google Authenticator where other password managers do not provide opportunity for that.

RememBear is designed with an inbuilt two-factor authentication system with an OTP generator. They also have a backup kit which is an easy and efficient account recovery tool. This is more like the “emergency access” option which other password manager provides but there is a little change in the approach. The Backup kit just displays you NDK and advices you to print them or to store them anywhere safe.

Their password generate is safe and authenticate. They help you to generate strong passwords which cannot be guessed or hacked by anyone. RememBear provides a free plan and you can also subscribe to premium plan for Rs.225/month.

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