Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access; the perfect incognito VPN

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a secure and fast working VPN that is considered to have one of the largest VPN servers in the entire VPN market. Using PIA you can access around 35, 000+ networks around the world. As per reports PIA is found to follow some of the strongest security practices compared to other VPN services. They consist of open source applications, no-log policy and advanced security customization for premium users.

Some of the highlighting features that PIA offers include:

  • Tor support
  • Split tunnelling
  • Torrenting on multiple servers
  • Ad blocker

PIA is the best VPN providers for users who are looking for high privacy needs. PIA has the capability to unblock popular online streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc. They successfully help you to bypass internet in countries where they are banned including China, Israel etc. PIA is a user friendly application and it is easy to use through different applications and platforms. From one PIA account you can establish 10 different connections, where other VPN providers allow only 5-7 connections.

The subscription plan consists of 1 month plan, 1 year plan and 3 year plan. Every plan is inbound with 30-days money back guarantee.

Even though you can access around 35, 000+ networks, the performance of PIA is not disturbed and the servers are never overcrowded. They always try to provide instant connections and fast internet browsing experience. You can continuously stream HD videos without any buffering or interruption with PIA.


  • Multiple encryption options: PIA functions by using two encryption techniques; 256-bit AES and 128-bit AES. It is very rare where a VPN provider uses two different types of encryption techniques. From these two, 256-bit AES is the most powerful encryption technique because it cannot be broken and also provides faster speeds.
  • No-logs policy: PIA does not keep the records of your browsing data and this has been certified by the experts.
  • Kill switch: This feature is designed to keep yourself out of data leaks by cutting off your internet access the moment you are disconnected from the VPN.

The Kill switch feature of Windows and Mac provides some extra flexibility. Here you have the freedom to turn on the Kill switch if your VPN connection gets disconnected accidentally or when you are not connected to a VPN server.

Unlike other VPN, PIA functions using RAM memory. This implies that they do not store any information on their hard drive and every time the server is rebooted, the data on the server is removed automatically. In case of security, PIA provided extra layer of safety against DNS and WebRTC leaks. Their server’s focuses on protecting you from DNS leaks and their browser extensions take care of WebRTC leaks.

When PIA is hit hard by IPv6 traffic, they automatically block them and this is a default function. While concentrating on their working technique, PIA functions by using 3 types of protocols namely WireGuard, OpenVPN and IKEv2/IP. From these three protocols, WireGuard does outstanding work by improving the speeds and ensuring secure browsing.

PIA has access to The Onion Router (Tor) throughout their servers which helps you to browse .onion sites with added protection. Even though Tor networks are safe, using Tor with a VPN blocks other Tor users from tracking your IP address. To browse onion sites, just connect to the PIA server and start using the Tor browser. Since they keep on encrypting the traffic and due to the VPN connection, Tor browser works in a slow pace. Roughly the speed of internet will be 75% when you are using the Tor browser.

PIA performs spilt tunnelling on operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported in iOS. PIA is one of the rare VPN providers that provides spilt tunnelling feature for macOS. PIA consists of obfuscation option such that it feels you are using normal internet without VPN, even if you are connected to the VPN. This helps you to mitigate geo blocks and VPN blocks.


  • 1 month plan – Rs.749.99/month
  • 1 year plan – Rs.250.83/month
  • 3 years plan – Rs.162.58/month

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