Nano Pro antivirus

Nano Pro antivirus; the perfect security companion

We are living in a society where cyber-attacks and data leaks can happen at any time. Technology has progressed and so did the threat actors. They deploy malicious strands of viruses and malwares to perform the attack. These malwares has the capability to lurk into systems and networks without even noticing. They start to deplete your resources and can lead to the loss of your personal data or sensitive documents.

What we lack these days is a reliable security solution that can withstand all the upcoming threats. Nano Pro antivirus is one of such kind that can successfully block all the known and unknown threats. They are developed by a Russian antivirus company which was established in the year 2009.

You can get Nano Pro antivirus both in free version as well as paid version. The main attraction of this software is its number of scanning options. Users can select between complete scans, express scans, removable media scans etc. so that they can scan the files and folder which they feel are infected. Under each scan option, there will be a setting icon, with which you can customize your scans as per your needs. You can point out the files to be scanned, adjust the limits based on the size of the files and you can block the scans when there is an issue.

In Nano Pro, the scans are functioned in the background and they provide multi-layer protection against zero-day threats. As per the test results, they successfully detected the malware sample in just 3 seconds.


The basic feature of Nano Pro is that you have an extensive scheduled scanning menu. They are all roofed under a single segment called “tasks”. You can apply your own configurations for the scans and compose the database upgrades so that the scans run precisely. Other security solution does not provide more options than scheduling the scans. Nano Pro provides granular level options for their customers.

They consist of a File Guard that ensures protection from execution-based cyber threats. The Web guard feature makes sure that the HTTPs, emails and FTP traffic are under control and if any suspicious behaviour is found, they are blocked. The event logging option, keeps the summaries of the actions performed by the software to protect the system.

With Nano Pro, you can easily customize the log. The commonly encountered feature of this software is false positive list. False positives are recognized programs which the softwares wrongly flags as infected.

Nano Pro is a well-developed software. While installing the software, it requires a minimum of 700MB definitions, but they are still easy to use and give instant response. They provide real time protection from all the malicious threats with the help of Signatures, Heuristics Analysis, Web Protection and Cloud Technologies.

The features of Nano Pro are categorized into five sections:

  • Actions
  • Settings
  • System Guard
  • Quarantine
  • Information


This is the default window of Nano Pro. They deal with important security informations in two tabs:

  • Quick start: This helps you to get an overall picture of the system protection settings.
  • Tasks: they are the schedule scan feature of Nano Pro. You can customize them according to file types, objects, action on threat detection etc. The major scans present in this software are Main Memory Scan, Boot Sector Scan, Custom Scan, Express Scan, Scheduled scans and Automatic Removable Media scan.


The settings category is divided into five sections:

  • Common: this helps you to deal with basic miscellaneous settings.
  • Appearance: here you can make use of the settings which is related to the customization of the appearance.
  • Quarantine: here you will encounter settings related to quarantine objects location.
  • Network: this helps the user to synchronize the proxy server.
  • Trusted zone: this is an exclusion feature. You can add the files that you don’t want to scan. The software excludes these files during scanning.

System Guard

This is the key component of NANO. They use multi-shields to protect the system from threats, namely File Guard, Web Guard and Event Log.


Quarantine feature is divided into three tabs:

  • Quarantine objects
  • Backup storage
  • False positives


The information section provides basic knowledge about the software, License management and upgrade.

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