IObit malware fighter

IObit malware fighter; the omnipotent defender

Security is the basic need in this technical world. Nowadays we are dealing with high risk information and sensitive contents. They must be safeguarded from malicious threat actors who are waiting to steal and utilize them. Information is the biggest asset. We must ensure that they are protected by strong and secure software.

In this blog, we are going to introduce a powerful malware defender, IObit.

IObit malware fighter is an advanced defence software that secure your devices from dangerous cyber-attacks and malicious files like viruses, Trojans, ramsomware, spywares, worms, adwares etc. The major highlight of IObit is that they use the malware engine & Anti-ransomware engine of Bitdefender to protect your system from the emerging threats. They procure your information with the help of Data protector and Safe Box. As a part of development, IObit has increased the performance of malware signature database and scanning features by 50%. This raises the standard of the software in the tech market.


  • Comprehensive UI
  • Varieties of add-ons
  • Advanced ransomware protection
  • Webcam protection


  • Real-Time threat defence: IObit is an excellent threat blocker. The updated features help them to intelligently detect malware and prevent them from getting into the systems. They actively upholds malicious outsiders like computer viruses, adwares, Trojans, ransomware etc. IObit regularly releases updates and this enhances the malware signature database to discover all strands of malware and clear them from your system.
  • Privacy Protection: IObit is equipped with progressive e-locker system that helps to preserve important files and documents inside the Safe Box with a strong password protection. The ransomware engine of IObit ensures multiple layer of data protection. They keep on scanning for ransomware and if detected, they get holds of every important file and lock them up.
  • Email protection: IObit offers multi-level spam filtering feature for your emails. The makes sure that no infected email reaches your inbox. Once a malicious attachment is found, they quarantine the file and prevent them from infecting your system.
  • Browsing protection: IObit alerts you against phishing websites and safeguards your system from dangerous malwares that modifies homepage or browser settings. The ad blocker option keep away unwanted ads and clears cookies instantly.
  • Security Guards of IObit: The Security Guards of IObit provides multiple layers of protection. They include:
  • Start-up Guard – they help you during the time of start-up. They ensure that the start-up process remains intact and is not changed by any third party applications.
  • Process Guard – They makes sure the RAM remains clean and does not get occupied by malicious programs.
  • Camera Guard – they prevents unauthorized access to your webcams.
  • Dashlane password manager: They are available only with the IObit Pro version. You can store important documents in this storage system. The information will be encrypted and secured with a master password. The password will be handled by a single user and cannot be leaked even if the device is stolen.
  • Bitdefender Engine: Bitdefender collaborated with IObit in 2012 and they decided to provide antivirus engines that detect real time threats and can possibly safeguard you from 200 million malicious threats. Using Bitdefender engines the scans are faster and give instant results.

 Even though none of the test labs certified IObit software, the customer reviews and their performance is highly praised. During trials, they have detected malware strands which could not be detected by other sophisticated anti-virus sotwares. They can also keep you safe from zero day threats.

The interface of IObit is clean and attractive. Their features and tools are placed in a way all the customers can use them easily. Once you activate the software with the help of product key, the premium features are installed within the software.

The main tools available in the interface are:

  • Homepage advisor
  • Toolbar cleaner
  • Anti-tracking
  • DNS protection
  • Ad remover
  • IObit surfing protection

The reports of the regular scan can be obtained from the homepage. They also provide ad-ons like Software Updater, Driver Booster, Smart Defragmentation tool and Uninstaller.


IObit is available in free version as well as pro version. Pro version of the software does not give free trials. The price of Pro version for one year is Rs.1, 450. They will refund you the payment in 60 days if you didn’t like the performance of the software.

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