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Heimdal security solutions; the wall of protection

Unfortunately, we are all in the middle of the pandemic. We are facing the hard times of our lives. Parallely, cyber hackers are utilising this situation to launch cyber-attacks and data breaches. According to the survey reports, the usage of internet has hyped during the time of pandemic. This vulnerability was taken into advantage by the threat actors to perform attacks. New malware and virus varieties have been developed to bring down financially stable organizations and loot the sensitive information and money. Apart from organizations, individual users are being the prey of their attacks. In general, every person online are vulnerable to cyber-attacks unless and until they have a safe and secure defending software in their system.

A normal anti-virus software cannot help you from advanced attack. For that we need a more stable and reliable security solution that can fight the latest versions of threats.

Heimdal is one among the precocious security solutions available in the market that can withstand all the prevailing and malicious threats.

Heimdal is a Danish organization that develops security softwares from the year 2011. All their products are authentic and most of them are related to their Norse god; Thor. Even though Heimdal is a beginner company, after a decade of its establishment, it had found its place among the topmost cyber security solutions in the world. They focus on developing softwares with advanced features and technologies and have the capability to defend all the known and unknown threats.

Heimdal basically produces two kinds of softwares:

  • Thor Free – for individuals
  • Enterprise – for organizations


Thor Free

The ‘Thor Free’ product provides advanced system security by analysing and automatically updating outdated applications. Applications with vulnerabilities are prone to cyber-attacks. Hence Thor helps to update the application as soon as the new update is released.Thor performs updates automatically in the background, you just need a stable network connection. By using Thor you can avoid the stress of constantly checking on the apps for updating.

Thor Vigilance

Vigilance is the anti-virus version of Heimdal. They protect your system from malwares and viruses with the help of cosmopolite virus detection technology. They provide the user with variety of scanning options to detect the malware. To scan local files and drives, Thor uses signature code technology and successfully detects malwares, viruses, ransomwares, spywares and other malicious threats.

Thor Foresight

Thor Foresight provides internet security for your system. They secure your network from malicious outsiders by analysing the internet traffic and safeguard your system from getting infected. Thor Foresight provides three layers of protection; Xploit Resilience, VectorN Detection and Darklayer Guard.

  • Xploit Resilience: this features looks upon the update of applications. They also provide Compliance, Vulnerability and Software Asset Management.
  • VectorN Detection: they are responsible to find out malwares and viruses which cannot be detected by anti-virus and Endpoint platform with the help of Machine Learning Detection.
  • DarkLayer Guard: they consists of advanced filtering engine which blocks zero day exploits within DNS, HTTP and HTTPS communication. They also blocks ransomwares, Trojans etc.

Thor Premium

Thor Premium is the supreme product of Heimdal cyber security. They are a combination of Vigilance and Foresight. Today, Thor Premium is considered as one of the best defence product available in the market that can protect you from all the hideous threats. They ensure multiple layers of protection with next-generation technologies. These technologies patch up the vulnerabilities within the applications and ensure that they are not susceptible to cyber-attacks.

Advantages of using Heimdal

  • Protection from all kinds of cyber threats.
  • Optimum performance.
  • Automatic patching of third party applications.
  • User-friendly
  • Compatible with multiple systems.
  • Cost efficient payment options

Major features

  • Traffic-based virus protection.
  • Sandbox and Backdoor inspection
  • Automatic software update


Heimdal Security offers free-trial for 30 days.

  • Thor Vigilance – Rs.3, 645 per annum.
  • Thor Foresight – Rs.4, 375 per annum.
  • Thor Premium – Rs.6, 565 per year

These are the subscription plans for the home users.

Heimdal is considered to be one of the best anti-virus softwares which have capabilities to protect your system from all the current threats. For more details, visit www.Heimdalsecurity.com

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