Facebook hack; learn to use the privacy settings

In this online era, people are spending most of their time browsing social media. The influence social media has created in people’s life is not small. It has changed to an important part of their life. As we are headed towards 2022, we cannot imagine a day using social media. Nowadays we can find thousands of social media applications online but the wave of addiction started when Facebook was introduced. Through Facebook, people began to connect instantly and share their thoughts and ideas. Facebook was first introduced in 2004, and today it has evolved as one of the prominent social media platforms with almost 2 billion users. Today, the same Facebook has been identified as the most insecure online network since they have been flooded with Facebook hack and identity thieves.

Understanding the importance of privacy, Facebook has updated the privacy tab and sorted them into six different categories including “Account” and “Audience and Visibility”. Facebook keeps on updating the privacy settings so that people no more become a victim of Facebook hack.

Let’s take a look at some simple steps that protect you from Facebook hack.

Always clear the data that Facebook gets by analyzing your web

Most of us don’t know the fact that Facebook collects a lot of information from you even if you are not using Facebook. Thousands of applications and websites send users’ history and details to Facebook for promotion purposes. This process occurs vice versa too. Facebook collects your profile information and distributes them to different advertisement agencies which have ties with Facebook. To some extent, the “Off-Facebook activity” will help you to look at some of the data. By clearing the data from the off-Facebook activity, you can prevent your data from ending up in someone’s hand. And for future protection, turn off the activity button next to the off-Facebook activity.

Never share your location

While using Facebook, never permit to access your accounts because even if you are inactive or the application is running in the background, Facebook can leak your location and use them for ad purposes. Even if you try to adjust the location settings from your phone, it won’t stop the company from leaking your location. To avoid unnecessary usage of your location tries to revoke Facebook’s location permission. For turning it off, go to “settings”, select “location” and deny the permission.

Turn-off facial recognition

According to Facebook, the Face recognition option is used for tagging friends in photos so that they can spot fake profiles easily. The CEO of Facebook has explained that Facebook is not using facial recognition data for ad purposes; still, it was found that they violated their word and used them for business purposes. So the government ordered the company to remove the feature from Facebook. Even after months after the amendment, there were still users who received the tagging option. To avoid the tagging feature, go to “settings”, click on “privacy shortcuts” and “control face recognition”. From the edit option, turn it off.

Shield from Facebook hack

Facebook hack has been the main predator of privacy. They use modern techniques to compromise accounts these days. To prevent Facebook hacks it is better to enable two-factor authentication. If you are using the same password for multiple accounts, then this option can help you from threat actors. Once two-factor authentication is activated, you will get an alert when someone else is trying to access your Facebook account. Two-factor authentication makes it harder for Facebook hackers to compromise accounts.

Make your account hard to find to prevent Facebook hack

The default settings of Facebook allow your profile to pop up whenever you are searching it in Google by your profile name. By changing it you will be less available in Google and the possibility of a Facebook hack will be reduced. By not showing up in Google, you are limiting the number of people visiting your profile and preventing friend requests from strangers. To turn it off go to Settings, click Privacy, Select “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” and edit it to turn it off.

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