Inside Facebook hack; facts & explanations

We all use Facebook. Currently, Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms which have crossed 2 billion users worldwide. With such a huge amount of users, Facebook is the storehouse of personal information. This information attracts Facebook hackers and identity thieves. In this cyber world, information is money. Hackers will do anything to trick you and leak information from you. They deploy various techniques to hack your account like phishing, malware, scams, social engineering, etc. Apart from Facebook hack, the organization itself will leak your personal data for advertisement purposes. Facebook also has agreed to this strategy that they are providing your pictures and other information to third-party advertisers without your permission.

Even though this claw is mentioned in the privacy policy, taking the personal information of users without their permission is similar to identity theft. Users who are registering on Facebook will not check the privacy policy thoroughly and permit all their demands. What people will do is to find the “I Agree” tick box as soon as possible. When it comes to privacy, Facebook is the least secure platform and has threats both from inside as well as outside. Even after the repeated Facebook hack experience, Facebook has not introduced a strict measure that guards the privacy rights of the users.

Facebook collects almost every information from you including your email address, personal data, photos, videos, and other content. Even though they don’t sell your data for money, they sell them to get access to you. To be specific, they sell your data to third-party advertisers to get access to your newsfeed so that they can input their advertisements on your feed. This is a major business carried out by Facebook and it was found that they made revenue of about 40 billion dollars last year. In 2013, Facebook has planned a mass data leak combined with Cambridge Analytica where the data of 87 million Facebook users were leaked without the knowledge of the users.

Does Inside Facebook hack sell all the collected data?

Facebook does not sell your data. They just use them to get access to you. They hand over your data to advertisers to put ads on your Newsfeed but never sell them to outside buyers. But even though they are not selling them, taking one’s information without their consent is equal to getting Facebook hack and also decreases the value of Facebook.

Apart from the inside business Facebook does, you are also vulnerable to outside businesses. For instance, if you log into any application like Uber or Spotify from Facebook, you are granted permission to access your personal information. Facebook has recently updated its privacy policy which allowed data sharing with other applications, once you accept their policy. This does not mean that they can sell your data; it can only be used for advertising purposes.

To know about the data Facebook has collected from you, just go to the “settings” and under the “General Tab” you have an option named “Download a copy of your Facebook data”. This will give you a detailed description of the data Facebook has collected from you including your messages, photos, videos, and search history. You can manage the ad preference by clicking on the “Ad Preference” under the settings. Here you can see the list of your interest which Facebook has selected based on your profile, browsing history, etc. Using Ad preference, you can also remove interest that is irrelevant to you. Facebook never use your private messages for ad purpose and they never overhear your audio conversations.

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