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Express VPN; guaranteed privacy

Virtual Private Network or VPN provides the users with online privacy and confidentiality by forming a private network using a public internet connection. VPN protects your IP address so that the actions performed by you cannot be traced. VPN makes sure that a secure and encrypted connection is established which gives higher level of privacy even if they are connected to local networks.

Here we are going to discuss about one of the best VPN available in the market, Express VPN.

Express VPN contains around 3000+ servers and there are 94 countries available in them. They make sure that the service they provide is fast and secure. You can connect to a maximum of 5 devices at a time. Express VPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS etc.

According to the test performed, Express VPN easily unlatches popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu and many other similar platforms without causing any interruption or lag. Express VPN works efficiently in internet censored countries like China, Russia etc. The main highlighting features of Express VPN are; 256 bit AES encryption, secure protocols and kill switch. Apart from this, they provide:

  • Split tunnelling: This feature decides which data is dispelled through VPN server and which gets dispelled through local networks.
  • No-logs policy: Express VPN is strict with their security policies. They make sure that no user data is leaked through their systems.
  • Creates a sense of confusion: They hide your VPN traffic and makes it feel like you are using the web without any VPN. This helps you to overcome the restrictions and censorship.

The main disadvantage of Express VPN is that, the iOS version does not have kill switch and they do not have an efficient protocol.

Express VPN do not have an ad blocker which many other VPN services provide. The subscription plans available are 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. They also provide you with 30 days money back guarantee.


  • 256-bit AES encryption: This is a secure form of encryption which helps to make the traffic undetectable.
  • No-logs policy: Express VPN does not save your personal information, internet traffic or the data you download. This security feature has been clearly checked and audited by a third party application.
  • Kill switch: This is an instant feature that helps to turn off the internet traffic when you get disconnected from the VPN server. This helps your information from data breaches and accident leaks.

They utilize the RAM of the system to run their server, so no information is collected in the hard drive. Every time the server reboots, all the used data are wiped out. They provide individual DNS on all the servers and they encrypt them automatically. In this way DNS queries will be hidden from the third parties and the response time will be faster.

To avoid DNS leaks, Express VPN provides built-in-protection from IPv6 and WebRTC leaks. Express VPN completely blocks the vulnerabilities that cause these leaks from browser extensions including Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc. They also prevent IPv6 traffic successfully.

Express VPN offers 4 types of protocols; Open VPN, IKEv2. L2TP/IPSec and Lightway. Lightway is the coherent protocol among these which has the fast function and security. But still, this protocol is not available for iOS users and IKEv2 & L2TP/IP is not supported for Android devices.

The spilt tunnelling option is supported in Windows, Android and macOS devices as most of the VPN services do not provide services for macOS systems. This feature is mainly used to send traffic through VPN and local networks concurrently.

Express VPN offer speedy services such that they instantly find the servers apt for your location. You don’t need the help of any third party application to increase the speed. Additionally, all the servers of Express VPN accept the traffic from the Onion Router (Tor). You don’t need separate browser for that. Once you are connected to the VPN, you can start using the Tor browser. But when you use the Tor browser along with the VPN, the speed will be decreased.


  • Rs.945 for one month
  • Rs.730 per month for 6 months plan
  • Rs.486 per month for 15 months plan.

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