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EMSISOFT security systems; strengthen you protection

There is much anti-virus software available in the market. But the question is that, do all of them protect your system from the upcoming threats? The answer is ‘no’. Not every antivirus softwares can safeguard you from the hideous cyber threats arising these days. Present day malwares are strong and stealthier than the older versions. They have been designed to do complicated activities other than disruption and data loss. Today’s malware has the capacity to wipe you out financially and they sell the stolen data in the Dark Web, hence making your customers vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Only when the walls are strong, they can defend you from what is coming. We need a reliable security software to protect your data and financial information. EMISISOFT is a strong defence software that can protect you from all the known and unknown threats.

Emsisoft is a specialized anti-virus program developed by Emsisoft Ltd. Emsisoft, an Australian company, developed the software in the year 2003. Offering real-time protection, Emsisoft is one of the top anti-malware companies with around 10 million signatures. Their malware engine is a combination of Bitdefender and their own anti-malware engine. Unfortunately, they are available only for Windows operating system.

Emsisoft has clean and easy to use interface with powerful security tools. The features of Emsisoft allow you to perform scans, change settings, examine analytics and handle quarantine files from anywhere, with the help of a stable internet connection. They have features which the other software lacks like Behaviour Blocker that helps in finding out suspicious files and Emergency kit for bringing back the compromised PC. Even though they are packed with eminent features and tools, they lack parental control feature, identity protection, password manager and VPN.

Emsisoft is built with multiple antivirus engines. One, the proprietary scanner which flags unwanted programs using predictive algorithms and the next the Bitdefender’s engine. With this combination, the software detects every viruses, Trojans, rootkits, spyware and ransomware.

Types of scans

  • Quick scan: they help to scan the files which are running. On an average it takes 2 minutes to scan around 63,000 objects, which is pretty fast.
  • Malware scan: it scans the nuke and corner of your PC to check for the malwares including downloads, cache files, system registries etc.
  • Custom scan: this helps you to customize your scans like particular folders, drives etc. They perform scans in three different levels; Default, Thorough and Paranoid. These levels are so vigilant.

Emsisoft malware scans are performed every week, in default. You can change the settings as per your needs. You can reduce the time period according to your preference. The ‘Quite mode’ helps the user to reduce the scanning notifications automatically at the time of CPU-intensive processes.

The Behaviour blocker functions by analysing the active running programs and prevents them before they cause further damage to the system. They mainly concentrate on preventing rootkits, ransomware and spywares. They also give you directions to locate the infected file. This is an efficient feature which is not available in other traditional malware scanners.

Malware infections cannot be predicted. They can happen any time. We must be prepared in case of an emergency. The Emergency kit of Emsisoft is a unique and useful feature. They can make the process easy by safely diagnosing and deleting the malware in a PC which is more compromised to install a new software.

Emergency kit for this software is available in two types; Graphic User Interface (GUI) for common users and command line version for advanced users. Emergency kit enables users to login to the system when you are unable to do it, due to malware infection and it helps to operate the mouse when the system is infected.

Another interesting feature of Emsisoft is its Cloud Console. They let you to have the mirror of your anti-virus dashboard, through any web browser. They help you to have immense level of control and provide you with analytics which help you to find the track records of the scans.

They also have browser protection which is available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge. They actively look upon these browsers to detect any phishing or web based attacks. This feature is also compatible with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Emsisoft is one of the best defending software a system can have and the studies have proven that they are efficient in every feature they provide and your device will be totally protected. For more information, contact www.emsisoft.com.

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