Comodo antivirus software

Comodo antivirus software; defend the threats

Anti-virus that offers complete protection from the upcoming threats is rare these days. Cyber hackers today use modern type of malwares and viruses which can cause damage and steal data from the system without the knowledge of the user. They can even cause permanent damages to the files and makes them irretrievable.

What we need is a complete protection from these malicious threats. Comodo can protect your system from hazardous cyber-attacks. Comodo antivirus is a full-featured antivirus program which is free of cost, making it one of the extensively used security software. For a decade they have been protecting system from malwares and other malicious threats.

Comodo anti-virus is compatible in all the versions of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.

The software is user friendly and they are implemented with decent documentation. As per the reports of the AV test, the premium version of Comodo provides advanced protection from real-world malwares.


  • Default Deny Protection: Apart from allowing all the files to run, except some which was identified as malwares, Comodo can prevent all the application which is not in the wish list. This software contains multiple numbers of legitimate programs in their database which provides extra layer of protection with minimum drawbacks.
  • Auto-Sandbox technology: When the software comes across an executable, which is not marked in the whitelist, they will store the file in an isolated environment. This helps you sure of information security while downloading programs.
  • Game mode: This feature prevents unnecessary notifications of the anti-virus software from affecting your gaming experience. This is a prominent feature in every anti-virus softwares. The software does not turn on the game mode automatically; we have to do it manually.
  • Email Security: Comodo filters all your mails for detecting viruses and malwares. They also prevent scam and other threats. As phishing attacks are increasing these days, this feature.

When it comes to Linux operating system, they barely use an anti-virus solution. It is because, they have opted better technical skills and hence making them less prone to cyber-attacks. But still, there are malwares that make use of the bugs in the Linux software. To prevent them Comodo has released new software for Linux version. They help you to patch many high-severity bugs.

Comodo provides option for the users to lock their systems and run programs that are detected to be safe. This software is user friendly and has an appealing and efficiently functioning interface.


  • Many customizable settings.
  • Multiple mode of protection; basic and advanced.
  • Regular scans and program updates.
  • Advanced game mode.
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows (10-7)

Major Highlights

  • Updated detection engines that detect spyware, malware, viruses, rootkits and zero day threats.
  • The software scanned files are categorized under a group so that if they are found to be infected in the future, they can be blocked before they take up the entire system.
  • Updates are done regularly, on daily basis and hourly basis.
  • They perform system scan, whenever the device starts up.
  • Comodo has the capability to supress archives and check the files inside them. The archive subjected to scans is selected as per our priority.
  • You can set the size of the files to be scanned so that no files are left unscanned.
  • They contain auto-containment feature which helps to detect malicious apps and programs which runs in the virtual mode.
  • VirusScope comes with the premium software that is used to scan the etiquettes for the running programs and maintain the record of the process.
  • You can omit certain files, applications and folders from scans as per your wish.
  • It helps to clean your system without rebooting.

Comodo Internet Security is free software. Whereas Internet Security Pro & Internet Security Complete is available to the users at Rs.2, 210.

Comodo cyber software is one of the best anti-malware softwares available in affordable rates. They are widely used by expertise, business customers and corporations. Even though they have certain red flags, they can protect your system from known and unknown threats. Comodo is a better choice as anti-virus software.

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