Private Internet Access; the perfect incognito VPN

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a secure and fast working VPN that is considered to have one of the largest VPN servers in the entire VPN market. Using PIA you can access around 35, 000+ networks around the world. As per reports PIA is found to follow some of the strongest security practices compared to other VPN services. They consist of open source applications, no-log policy and advanced security customization for premium users.

Some of the highlighting features that PIA offers include:

  • Tor support
  • Split tunnelling
  • Torrenting on multiple servers
  • Ad blocker

PIA is the best VPN providers for users who are looking for high privacy needs. PIA has the capability to unblock popular online streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc. They successfully help you to bypass internet in countries where they are banned including China, Israel etc. PIA is a user friendly application and it is easy to use through different applications and platforms. From one PIA account you can establish 10 different connections, where other VPN providers allow only 5-7 connections.

The subscription plan consists of 1 month plan, 1 year plan and 3 year plan. Every plan is inbound with 30-days money back guarantee.

Even though you can access around 35, 000+ networks, the performance of PIA is not disturbed and the servers are never overcrowded. They always try to provide instant connections and fast internet browsing experience. You can continuously stream HD videos without any buffering or interruption with PIA.


  • Multiple encryption options: PIA functions by using two encryption techniques; 256-bit AES and 128-bit AES. It is very rare where a VPN provider uses two different types of encryption techniques. From these two, 256-bit AES is the most powerful encryption technique because it cannot be broken and also provides faster speeds.
  • No-logs policy: PIA does not keep the records of your browsing data and this has been certified by the experts.
  • Kill switch: This feature is designed to keep yourself out of data leaks by cutting off your internet access the moment you are disconnected from the VPN.

The Kill switch feature of Windows and Mac provides some extra flexibility. Here you have the freedom to turn on the Kill switch if your VPN connection gets disconnected accidentally or when you are not connected to a VPN server.

Unlike other VPN, PIA functions using RAM memory. This implies that they do not store any information on their hard drive and every time the server is rebooted, the data on the server is removed automatically. In case of security, PIA provided extra layer of safety against DNS and WebRTC leaks. Their server’s focuses on protecting you from DNS leaks and their browser extensions take care of WebRTC leaks.

When PIA is hit hard by IPv6 traffic, they automatically block them and this is a default function. While concentrating on their working technique, PIA functions by using 3 types of protocols namely WireGuard, OpenVPN and IKEv2/IP. From these three protocols, WireGuard does outstanding work by improving the speeds and ensuring secure browsing.

PIA has access to The Onion Router (Tor) throughout their servers which helps you to browse .onion sites with added protection. Even though Tor networks are safe, using Tor with a VPN blocks other Tor users from tracking your IP address. To browse onion sites, just connect to the PIA server and start using the Tor browser. Since they keep on encrypting the traffic and due to the VPN connection, Tor browser works in a slow pace. Roughly the speed of internet will be 75% when you are using the Tor browser.

PIA performs spilt tunnelling on operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported in iOS. PIA is one of the rare VPN providers that provides spilt tunnelling feature for macOS. PIA consists of obfuscation option such that it feels you are using normal internet without VPN, even if you are connected to the VPN. This helps you to mitigate geo blocks and VPN blocks.


  • 1 month plan – Rs.749.99/month
  • 1 year plan – Rs.250.83/month
  • 3 years plan – Rs.162.58/month

Lookout security for mobile; the standard protector

In today’s society, cyber-attacks against systems and PC are increasing rapidly. Equally, mobiles are also targeted. Nowadays, more than PC’s people store their sensitive information in mobile phones. By targeting them cyber hackers could easily get hold of them and use them for their benefit. If any financial data are leaked, hackers can use to steal money from your account or can use it to threaten you and demand hectic ransom for the return of the data.

To avoid such happening, it is important we keep our mobile phones protected. There are a number of mobile security softwares available in the market, but finding the best one is pretty difficult.

Here we are going to look into one of the powerful mobile security software that can safeguard you from all the mobile based cyber-attacks, Lookout security.

Lookout is specially designed mobile protection software which has been serving the field for the past ten years. They are also known as “Security & Antivirus”. Users have rated them 4.5/5 on Google Play Store and they have a million users around the world.

The security function of lookout is categorized into 4 tabs namely apps, Wi-Fi, web and privacy. The app function actively scans the installed applications & softwares and look out for virus, Trojans or other malwares. If found, they will alert you and will flag the app. With your permission, it will uninstall the application.

When experts used test virus developed by Itus Mobile Security, Lookout successfully flagged and reported the virus. Recently, Lookout has denied taking independent tests, without which it is hard to know how much efficient the software is. According to the experts, Lookout only scans applications and not files. The major disadvantage of Lookout is that you cannot schedule scans or perform independent scans.

The web security feature of Lookout provides an active VPN connection which automatically blocks known malwares and phishing attacks. The test report says that VPN was able to connect instantly and could successfully block all the phishing URLs when they were exposed to some infected links. Once the VPN finds an infected file, they provide a pop-up notification and display the error signal within the browser. But the drawback here is that you cannot disconnect VPN manually. For that you have to go to settings and make changes there. Also, the VPN seem to be active only in detecting threats when your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi. When it comes to home connections or any other connection, they will be automatically tagged as “unsafe” and they will keep on giving alert signals that it is risky.

The privacy tab provides you with a list of applications which has been identified safe and has granted the permission to use such as read/write in your Google Calendar. When you click on to the selected applications, you can see what are the other permissions you have on your device.


 Anti-theft protection with improved Lock-Down option

This is an advanced feature where you can instantly lock your device in case of loss or theft. The theft mode function is triggered in situation like SIM card removal, airplane mode and uninstalling the application. If any disturbance is detected, the software will use the entire available camera within the device to capture the photo of the unidentified thief and mail them to the registered account. In case of any theft, the software locks the device and produces a screaming sound. Also, they immediately wipe out sensitive data from the device.

Breach reports

This feature helps to collect the reports of data breaches through a variety of Android applications. When you are using any of these apps, they will be segregated under “your services” screen. They also contain information about recent data breaches.


This feature allows you to back-up photos, contacts and call logs. User can decide the configuration of the three and when to conduct backup; when it is connected to Wi-Fi or while using mobile network. The backed up data are stored in Google Cloud storage.

Lookout is a user-friendly antivirus software which is easy to install and navigate. Once you have registered, you can have the access of online portal where you can turn on the remote device triggers and locate those using maps.


Lookout security solution provides three types of plan. The basic plan is free of cost where you get the core features. You can buy the premium plan for Rs.222.91/month or Rs.2, 235.77/year. The Premium Plus plan is available for Rs.744.76/month and Rs.7, 454.30/year.

TunnelBear VPN; ensured privacy

TunnelBear is an excellent VPN provider with advanced features, user friendly applications and fast browsing facility. They provide you with uninterrupted gaming and online streaming provision. TunnelBear has the capacity to unblock popular online streaming sites including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. They also work well in countries where internet access is restricted like China and Iran.

Like all other updated VPNs, TunnelBear provides 256-bit AES encryption, no-log VPN, Kill switch. They also include some advanced features like:

  • Spilt tunnelling
  • Obfuscation
  • Torrenting

Unfortunately, tunnel bear does not provides details about the number of servers it operates, they don’t provide money-back guarantee and no live chat facility. Tunnel Bear can be subscribed as a 1 month plan, 1year plan and 3 year plan. TunnelBear works well in terms of privacy, security and performance. When it comes to privacy, TunnelBear is one of the best VPN providers, security features and in terms of independent audit.

With TunnelBear you don’t get a wide variety of features, but whatever features they provide, it will be intuitive, user-friendly and effective.


TunnelBear provides standard features like:

  • 256-bit AES encryption: This is an encryption technique used by defence and government departments. This encryption cannot be broken easily, they are considered as the most efficient type of encryption technique. They are also referred to as Grizzly-grade encryption.
  • No-log policy: TunnelBear never saves any of your personal information or the history of the websites you visit in their servers. They always maintain a visible easy to understand policy.
  • Kill-switch: Also known as vigilant bear, they disconnect the internet service, if the VPN connection is lost. They also reconnect back, if the internet availability is back. This helps to block traffic and data leaks.

TunnelBear operates based on two types of internet protocols; OpenVPN as well as IKEv2. Based on the connection and the condition, TunnelBear chooses the preferred protocol. OpenVPN and IKEv2 are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows but Mac only uses IKEv.

TunnelBear consists of their own encrypted DNS servers so that there will not be any data leak. They also offer WebRTC and IPv6 leak protection which completely conceals the system and safeguards from malicious threat actors.

TunnelBear supports The Onion Router (Tor) in most of their servers. You just have to link your device to the TunnelBear server and start using the Tor network. TunnelBear does not reveal your IP address to other Tor users.

The split tunnelling feature helps you to select the app using which you can find the way to the VPN tunnel and which apps to route through your local network.

The Obfuscation feature, also known as GhostBear shields your VPN from government analysis and they make it feel like you are browsing through normal internet without connecting to any VPNs. In this way, TunnelBear bypasses government firewall and VPN blocks. They have been tested with countries like China, Iran & Indonesia. It successfully allowed to access free and open internet. Since GhostBear uses advanced encryption process, there are chances that they slow down the internet speed.

TunnelBear is equipped with a password manager called Remembear which is easy to use and helps you to store unlimited number of passwords and information. All the information stored in TunnelBear is encrypted and is independently audited.

The privacy provided by TunnelBear is transparent and straightforward. They provide the complete information about the data that has been collected and explain to you why it has been collected. The information they store include email address and financial information to safeguard your transactions.

TunnelBear is developed by a US based company which is a member of 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances. In any case, if the government asks for user data, TunnelBear can’t do it because they don’t store any user data.

While considering the internet speed, TunnelBear provides pretty good speed compared to other VPNs. They works well while browsing, streaming, making calls and torrenting. They have active servers across 33 countries, you can choose the preferred country or you can select the nearby one. One of the drawbacks of TunnelBear is that they don’t offer dedicated IPs.


  • 1 year – Rs.371.72/month
  • 3 years – Rs.250/month
  • 2 years – Rs.310/month

For more details, visit

RememBear Password Manager; designed for your protection

RememBear is one of the latest password managers available in the market. In this short period of time, they have earned a good acclaim because of its security and privacy protection. They are developed by the same company that makes TunnelBear VPN whose main motto is to protect millions of internet usage around the world. They have a friendly interface and they provide step by step instructions on how to use different features including creating a master password, importing passwords, creating a backup kit and syncing system with other devices.

RememBear does not make any compromise in security, so your information will always be safe within their servers. Even though they are the latest password managers, some of the advanced features like breach monitoring, encrypted storage, password sharing etc. are not included in RememBear. RememBear is trying to provide a simple password manager that contains all the features required to protect your data and they are doing extremely well in that.

When you are selecting a multi-year plan, you will get 42% off on the subscription plan. For common users, this is the best password manager available in 2021 because of the cost-efficient plans and improved security.


Even though it is risky to store all your passwords in a single place, RememBear takes necessary precautions to keep it safe and secure from malicious outsiders and hackers. As a measure of safety, they use 256-bit AES encryption to protect your information. This type of protection is basically used by the defence department and government agencies. With the help end-to-end encryption, you can prevent a second person from seeing your login credentials; even RememBear does not what is stored inside their servers.

RememBear provides high-tech security safeguards like:

  • Secure Remote password (SRP): SRP makes sure that your data is secured when it is shared with other users and the RememBear’s servers.
  • Key Management System (KMS): KMS makes sure that your information remains encrypted even if the servers of RememBear get hacked.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS): The main intention of TLS is to protect your data from HTTP attacks.

Wherever your data is, if it is stored in the server or shared from one place to another, RememBear makes sure they are safe and protected from unwanted activities. However, RememBear consists of less additional features but with their basic features they provide the users with a convenient and secure password manager.

RememBear provides browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. With these extensions, you can easily manage different functions including auto-fill saved logins, generate new passwords etc. With RememBear you can instantly detect login fields and can auto-fill them successfully.

With RememBear, users are protected with a New Device Key (NDK). NDK is nothing but an instantly generated 16-digit code which is used to validate your system all the time when you log into your RememBear account. NDK is only generated in your device and will be visible on the device which is linked to the account. The generated code is never stored in the servers or can be shared online. Other than the master code, NDK acts as a second mode of verification. So even if the hackers manage to get your master password, without NDK, they cannot log in to your account.

Basically the function of NDK is similar to the two-factor authentication as they ensure that no one accesses your system without the physical availability of your device. With the help of two-factor authentication, you can stay secure and make sure that you are the only person who is logging into your account. You can integrate RememBear with other third-party applications like Google Authenticator where other password managers do not provide opportunity for that.

RememBear is designed with an inbuilt two-factor authentication system with an OTP generator. They also have a backup kit which is an easy and efficient account recovery tool. This is more like the “emergency access” option which other password manager provides but there is a little change in the approach. The Backup kit just displays you NDK and advices you to print them or to store them anywhere safe.

Their password generate is safe and authenticate. They help you to generate strong passwords which cannot be guessed or hacked by anyone. RememBear provides a free plan and you can also subscribe to premium plan for Rs.225/month.

1Password Manager; the intuitive password protector

1Password is considered as the simplest and safest password manager available in the market. They ensure multiple layer of security and prevent your information from data leaks. The salient features of 1Password include military grade encryption, user-friendly application for every devices, attractive family option, dark web monitoring, local storage system etc.

Unfortunately, 1Password only provides paid plans and no free plan. But you get a 14 days trial plan where you can go through the features and options and decide whether they are suitable for you. The encryption process of 1Password uses 256-bit AES technique such that all your passwords and information remains intact. They are compatible with Windows, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS.


1Password consists of wide variety of features like unlimited password storage, data breach alerts, secure notes etc. They also provide advanced features like Travel mode which conceals the passwords stored in the vault for the moment. They deploy the same 256 bit-encryption criteria which are used by financial organizations and other established institutions. Every data entered in 1Password is end-to-end encrypted; only the sender and the receiver could view the information. For additional protection, they provide a secret key, which is a secondary key required to log into your 1Password account.

1Password ensure zero-knowledge policy, which means they don’t store, track or sell any of your personal information. The data remains safe and secure within the vault. To avoid threat activities while intercepting data to the server, 1Password make use of Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol. They combine security measures like Master password, secret keys etc. Compared to other Password Managers, 1Password provides advanced security to your passwords.

Every information entered in 1Password is stored in the Vault. For your convenience, you can store data in separate vaults. Instead of putting everything in the same folder, you can spilt the vault and categorize them into work, family, travel etc. You have option to share your vault. While doing so, you can set control on who can view, manage and edit the data. Whenever you share the vault, 1Password produces an access key which will be linked to the receivers email address. In this way, your passwords remain safe.

They have a Watchtower feature which make sure that your password remains safe and informs you when any breach is detected. It also helps you to understand whether the password is strong enough or not. The Watchtower also observes your credit card expiration dates. The point to note is that in the PC version, the Watchtower feature will be inactive by default, so you need to activate it manually. Watchtower alerts you when any information is under risk or needed update.

Using the Travel mode feature, users can hide password in the time of emergency like social media logins, company encryption keys etc. For instance, if you are crossing borders, there are chances that the border officers can check your phone and have access to your personal data. To avoid this situation, you can hide the information and only the vaults which are marked “Safe for travel” will be evident. So once you activate the Travel mode, the vaults containing top-secret files will be automatically hidden until the Travel mode is turned off. When you turn on the Travel mode, they leave no trace such that the authorities can’t sense hidden vaults.

Using 1Password, you can clear the clipboard data at regular intervals. When you are copying any data from the vault, they will be available in the clipboard. So this makes it easy for the hackers to steal your information. The maximum time 1Password gives to clear your clipboard is 90 seconds. If there are important contents in the clipboard, you can also hold them for a bit longer.

The web browser version of 1Password is known as “1Password X”. They are available in Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave. 1Password does not have an auto-login feature because of some security risk. Auto-login is prone to threats from malicious scripts and phishing sites. So to avoid the theft of your login credentials, 1Password has removed auto-login option.


  • 1Password Family plan, 5 users – Rs.373.46/month
  • 1Password Normal plan, 1 user – Rs.223.78/month
  • 1 Password Business plan – Rs.597.99/month
  • 1Password Team Starter plan – Rs.1, 493/month

Best security solutions to protect your Mac in 2021

In case of security, no other products can beat Apple. But still there are advanced hackers who break the security and steal sensitive information from Mac devices. So it is important that we have a reliable antivirus software for protecting your device and network from getting infected. According to reports, cyber-attack against Mac users is increasing significantly. Compared to Windows devices, the ratio of Mac infection is less, but still there are infections and you don’t want to take a risk.

There are antiviruses available in the market which is designed to protect the Mac systems. The operating system of Mac functions based on Unix, which is carefully sandboxed. That is they are equipped with multi-layer protection such that malwares and viruses cannot do any damage.

Here are some advanced cyber softwares that can help to prevent attacks against Mac:

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender supports a maximum of three devices with one subscription pack. They mainly focus on features like banking and web protection, ransomware protection, time machine protection etc. The main reason for suggesting this software is because of their outstanding antivirus engine, privacy protection features and they equally protect you from windows malware threats. The main drawback of this software is that they lack firewall. The sterling antivirus engine of Bitdefender actively blocks threats including viruses, malwares, Trojans, ransomwares, spywares, adwares etc.

Bitdefender protects your device from phishing attacks and they establish a secure web protection through an extension. Bitdefender makes sure that no Windows viruses are transferred from external Windows 10 devices. They also provide enhanced time machine securities that back-up your important files and data so as to protect them from ransomware attacks. The VPN feature allows 200MB of daily data.

If you are worried about the malicious threats lurking through the internet, then Bitdefender antivirus for Mac is one of the best options to protect your device in 2021.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Kaspersky Internet Security can protect around 3 devices at a time. Their highlighting features include configurable virus scans, secure browser and webcam hijacking protection. The major advantages of Kaspersky are that they have better malware detection powers than other softwares, they consists variety of features and they secure every online transaction you do. But apart from all these positives, they have a high price range and not all users can afford them.

According to the lab test reports, Kaspersky has performed well in detecting all types of malwares and is rated as one of the best for Mac antivirus. They also include malicious URL blocking, ransomware protection and keep your Mac safe against webcam hijacking. They consist of a separate browser which protects you while performing online activities including financial transactions.

Intego Mac Internet Security X9

Intego can cover up to 5 devices at a time. They are best known for their excellent firewall, anti-spyware protection and online privacy protection. Intego is recommended for three reasons; user-friendly nature, intelligent firewall and their 30 day free trial pack. Intego has been in the field protecting Mac devices for almost two decades. So they know the best to offer for Mac to secure them emerging threats.

Lab test results had a greater recognition for Intego for their performance. They perform scans instantly and you get an extra protection from Windows malware. Intego protects your device from spywares and adwares. They give greater importance for your privacy and defend all the suspicious third-party applications which are trying to consume your data.

Intego X9 is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface. They also provide a free trial for 30 days. You can analyse the software for these 30 days and if you like them, you can choose a plan and subscribe.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe can protect a maximum of 5 devices in one go. The attractive features of Norton 360 include effective firewall, VPN and cloud backup feature. They come with a variety of features and a bundled VPN. Norton is one of the topmost brands when it comes to antivirus softwares. They provide worthwhile protection for Mac, Windows and mobile devices.

Norton provides real-time antivirus protection, ransomware protection, active firewall, parental control features, cloud backup and a password manager. The VPN features helps to protect your privacy when you are online. Compared to other softwares, Norton 360 Deluxe has severe impact on the system performance as they are using the system resources to function.

Can Windows Defender efficiently block threats in 2021?

Windows Defender has been a successful threat protector for a long time. At times their performance was a bit bad, but Windows has created some alteration in the software such that they turned to be one of the decent anti-virus software which is available for free.

The new updated version consists of features like Sandboxing and Cloud based malware detection. The new version helps you to boost the protection and detects threats pretty faster. But, when Windows Defender was exposed to some malicious threats, the software took some time to detect them. In case of viruses, Microsoft does not block or destroy them, instead just alerts you and tell you that you should have installed a better antivirus.

When you compare Window Defender with other advanced antivirus available these days, Windows Defender lacks many features that other programs have.

Major features of Windows Defender are:

  • Real time threat detection.
  • Firewall and network protection.
  • Hardware security
  • Protection against phishing sites
  • Parental controls
  • System performance reports.


Basically Microsoft Defender functions pretty well at detecting malwares and preventing network based attacks and exploits. They actively flags phishing sites and protect your system from online threats. They also contain Performance calculator and have the reports of your system health. They provide you with parental control option, content filtering, set the usage limit as well as location tracking. As Windows have improved their facilities, users can depend on Windows to safeguard their systems.


  • Compared to other third party software, the detection rate is low.
  • The parental control feature is confined to Microsoft Edge browser.
  • The interface is a bit tricky and not user-friendly.
  • The system reports they provide are basic ones and they does not have any performance booster.
  • They do not have cross-platform support.
  • They lack features like VPN, password manager, dark web monitoring, theft protection etc.

The 2021 version has improved in their performance and features. According to the AV test lab, Windows Defender has successfully removed 99% of the malwares without altering the system performance. They serve as a best software for the beginners and for the normal users who needs basic layer of protection. They are suitable for weak computers which cannot bear the impact of the anti-virus function.

Windows defender 10 proved to the best version when compared to other versions. Recently, the AV test labs have included Windows Defender in the top 10 category of antivirus softwares based on reliability. The false positive rate of Windows Defender is higher than the average. Windows Defender provides real-time protection and by default they will be active. This means that they will be functioning continuously in the background. As they don’t use much of the system resources, you won’t notice them functioning in the background.

Windows Defender provides Full Scan, Custom Scan and Offline scan. You can schedule scans according to your wish. The Firewall they provide is a normal one but is quite efficient one to protect your network. You can control it from the interface itself.

The anti-phishing feature of Windows Defender works great with the native browsers like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. The updated version of Defender offers ransomware protection. With the parental control feature, you can create different accounts for family members and you can set the limits for different accounts.

Windows Defender allows you to take a free trial so that you can understand the performance of the software and decide if it is good for you or not.

As a final verdict, updated Windows Defender can prevent your system from cyber-attacks and data leaks. Since it is a free software, they have some drawbacks while comparing it with other paid softwares. But still they are worth a try.

Nano Pro antivirus; the perfect security companion

We are living in a society where cyber-attacks and data leaks can happen at any time. Technology has progressed and so did the threat actors. They deploy malicious strands of viruses and malwares to perform the attack. These malwares has the capability to lurk into systems and networks without even noticing. They start to deplete your resources and can lead to the loss of your personal data or sensitive documents.

What we lack these days is a reliable security solution that can withstand all the upcoming threats. Nano Pro antivirus is one of such kind that can successfully block all the known and unknown threats. They are developed by a Russian antivirus company which was established in the year 2009.

You can get Nano Pro antivirus both in free version as well as paid version. The main attraction of this software is its number of scanning options. Users can select between complete scans, express scans, removable media scans etc. so that they can scan the files and folder which they feel are infected. Under each scan option, there will be a setting icon, with which you can customize your scans as per your needs. You can point out the files to be scanned, adjust the limits based on the size of the files and you can block the scans when there is an issue.

In Nano Pro, the scans are functioned in the background and they provide multi-layer protection against zero-day threats. As per the test results, they successfully detected the malware sample in just 3 seconds.


The basic feature of Nano Pro is that you have an extensive scheduled scanning menu. They are all roofed under a single segment called “tasks”. You can apply your own configurations for the scans and compose the database upgrades so that the scans run precisely. Other security solution does not provide more options than scheduling the scans. Nano Pro provides granular level options for their customers.

They consist of a File Guard that ensures protection from execution-based cyber threats. The Web guard feature makes sure that the HTTPs, emails and FTP traffic are under control and if any suspicious behaviour is found, they are blocked. The event logging option, keeps the summaries of the actions performed by the software to protect the system.

With Nano Pro, you can easily customize the log. The commonly encountered feature of this software is false positive list. False positives are recognized programs which the softwares wrongly flags as infected.

Nano Pro is a well-developed software. While installing the software, it requires a minimum of 700MB definitions, but they are still easy to use and give instant response. They provide real time protection from all the malicious threats with the help of Signatures, Heuristics Analysis, Web Protection and Cloud Technologies.

The features of Nano Pro are categorized into five sections:

  • Actions
  • Settings
  • System Guard
  • Quarantine
  • Information


This is the default window of Nano Pro. They deal with important security informations in two tabs:

  • Quick start: This helps you to get an overall picture of the system protection settings.
  • Tasks: they are the schedule scan feature of Nano Pro. You can customize them according to file types, objects, action on threat detection etc. The major scans present in this software are Main Memory Scan, Boot Sector Scan, Custom Scan, Express Scan, Scheduled scans and Automatic Removable Media scan.


The settings category is divided into five sections:

  • Common: this helps you to deal with basic miscellaneous settings.
  • Appearance: here you can make use of the settings which is related to the customization of the appearance.
  • Quarantine: here you will encounter settings related to quarantine objects location.
  • Network: this helps the user to synchronize the proxy server.
  • Trusted zone: this is an exclusion feature. You can add the files that you don’t want to scan. The software excludes these files during scanning.

System Guard

This is the key component of NANO. They use multi-shields to protect the system from threats, namely File Guard, Web Guard and Event Log.


Quarantine feature is divided into three tabs:

  • Quarantine objects
  • Backup storage
  • False positives


The information section provides basic knowledge about the software, License management and upgrade.

Express VPN; guaranteed privacy

Virtual Private Network or VPN provides the users with online privacy and confidentiality by forming a private network using a public internet connection. VPN protects your IP address so that the actions performed by you cannot be traced. VPN makes sure that a secure and encrypted connection is established which gives higher level of privacy even if they are connected to local networks.

Here we are going to discuss about one of the best VPN available in the market, Express VPN.

Express VPN contains around 3000+ servers and there are 94 countries available in them. They make sure that the service they provide is fast and secure. You can connect to a maximum of 5 devices at a time. Express VPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS etc.

According to the test performed, Express VPN easily unlatches popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu and many other similar platforms without causing any interruption or lag. Express VPN works efficiently in internet censored countries like China, Russia etc. The main highlighting features of Express VPN are; 256 bit AES encryption, secure protocols and kill switch. Apart from this, they provide:

  • Split tunnelling: This feature decides which data is dispelled through VPN server and which gets dispelled through local networks.
  • No-logs policy: Express VPN is strict with their security policies. They make sure that no user data is leaked through their systems.
  • Creates a sense of confusion: They hide your VPN traffic and makes it feel like you are using the web without any VPN. This helps you to overcome the restrictions and censorship.

The main disadvantage of Express VPN is that, the iOS version does not have kill switch and they do not have an efficient protocol.

Express VPN do not have an ad blocker which many other VPN services provide. The subscription plans available are 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. They also provide you with 30 days money back guarantee.


  • 256-bit AES encryption: This is a secure form of encryption which helps to make the traffic undetectable.
  • No-logs policy: Express VPN does not save your personal information, internet traffic or the data you download. This security feature has been clearly checked and audited by a third party application.
  • Kill switch: This is an instant feature that helps to turn off the internet traffic when you get disconnected from the VPN server. This helps your information from data breaches and accident leaks.

They utilize the RAM of the system to run their server, so no information is collected in the hard drive. Every time the server reboots, all the used data are wiped out. They provide individual DNS on all the servers and they encrypt them automatically. In this way DNS queries will be hidden from the third parties and the response time will be faster.

To avoid DNS leaks, Express VPN provides built-in-protection from IPv6 and WebRTC leaks. Express VPN completely blocks the vulnerabilities that cause these leaks from browser extensions including Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc. They also prevent IPv6 traffic successfully.

Express VPN offers 4 types of protocols; Open VPN, IKEv2. L2TP/IPSec and Lightway. Lightway is the coherent protocol among these which has the fast function and security. But still, this protocol is not available for iOS users and IKEv2 & L2TP/IP is not supported for Android devices.

The spilt tunnelling option is supported in Windows, Android and macOS devices as most of the VPN services do not provide services for macOS systems. This feature is mainly used to send traffic through VPN and local networks concurrently.

Express VPN offer speedy services such that they instantly find the servers apt for your location. You don’t need the help of any third party application to increase the speed. Additionally, all the servers of Express VPN accept the traffic from the Onion Router (Tor). You don’t need separate browser for that. Once you are connected to the VPN, you can start using the Tor browser. But when you use the Tor browser along with the VPN, the speed will be decreased.


  • Rs.945 for one month
  • Rs.730 per month for 6 months plan
  • Rs.486 per month for 15 months plan.

Norman virus control; keeps your system threat free

Norman antivirus is a unique defence software, mainly used by corporates and organizations. They are rarely used by common users because their interface is a bit complicated and only can be handled by technical people. Norman antivirus provides complete protection against malwares, viruses, worms, rootkits, spywares and Trojans. They are designed in such a way that it can block all high level threats.  Norman contains the best scan engines that consist of SandBox feature which shields your system from unnecessary disturbances and unknown threats.

The scanning features of this software are very effective against spywares and viruses. But these scanning procedures consume large amount of resources, hence it can slow down the performance of the system. Some of the important features are found deep within the menu so that it becomes difficult for the users to navigate the software.

According to the lab results, Norman is given VB100% certification and this makes Norman one of the standard security software available in the market. Even though it is a bit technical, the developers have put their maximum efforts to make it simple and self-explanatory. The interface consists of large icons with touch-friendly controls. These large icons can help to launch scan immediately, check for latest updates and to view quarantine files. Smaller icons lead you to scheduler and settings window.

One of the major advantages of this software is that they perform a preinstall scan before the system installs the software. This scan is initiated by Norman Malware Cleaner. Once the scanning is completed, the system automatically reboots. After the reboot, it again goes for a follow-up scan to complete the clean-up process. There are also chances that you may lose some important files and documents while doing preinstall scan.

Norman antivirus is compatible with every Windows versions including Windows95. They are also supported in Linux operating systems. The software includes an exclusive list feature which excludes individual files (the selected ones) from the scanning process. You can also take away certain directories from the process.

The important feature of Norman is Sandbox. This feature creates their own virtual environment for the programs to run by separating it from the actual operating environment. This helps to analyse a program for suspicious behaviour before they attack the system. The magnitude of false positive is reduced by referring the current running programs to an exclusion list where the detailed definitions of the latest malwares and viruses are found.

Norman offers three versions of Internet security and computer protection. All the three versions are advanced ones and successfully block all kinds of threats including the known and the unknown. They secure your networks and hinder unnecessary emails and messages. Scans can be scheduled according to the requirement of the user. Norman provides you with a screen saver option that comes along with a scanner.

Advanced features:

  • Spam blocking
  • Phishing protection
  • Advanced firewall
  • Privacy protection
  • Data protection
  • URL scanning
  • Parental control
  • Access control
  • Content control

Norman antivirus can be subscribed for Rs.4, 600 per year. You can also take the 30 day free trial to study about the software. For more details, visit