Adaware security solution

Adaware security solution; the standard defence companion

It is important to have a reliable cyber security solution these days. As the pandemic has struck the entire world so hard that it became difficult for people to go out and earn their living. People are confined to their homes and they depend upon internet and technologies to earn money. They even use them for shopping, entertainment and other useful things. This means quarter of the population is available in the internet. This paves way for the cyber hackers to target organizations and individuals and launch cyber-attacks. In most of the cases, they are successful because most of users lack dependable security solution that can protect them from the emerging cyber threats.

In this blog we are going to introduce you to a secure and strong security software that can defend all the known and unknown threats, Adaware.

Adaware is a renowned software development organization which is formerly known as Lavasoft. They focus on developing spyware and malware detection software. The company was founded in 1999 in Germany. They supply software in three versions, a free version and two paid versions; Pro and Total. Adaware also develops softwares like Ad Block, Web Companion, Digital lock, File Shredder etc.

Adaware produces one of the finest antivirus and internet security software versions available in the tech market. They include multi-level protection and some additional features which gives advanced protection to your system.

According to the experts, Adaware can block all malicious malwares, viruses and adwares within no time. They scan the system regularly and keep them away from harmful threats. Adaware is a comprehensive software. You can customize the scanning options and their speed so that the impact on the system performance can be controlled. Adaware is designed in such a way that even if you keep the performance settings to minimum, the full scans shall be completed successfully.

Adaware consists of real-time protection that works on behaviour monitoring. They prevent you from unknown threats. But for these real time and web protection, you need to install additional components so that they give maximum performance.

They actively trap phishing URLs and emails. Adaware ensures that your system is not harmed from malicious links and attachments. Before opening the mail, they will alert you if any malicious content is detected. They also contain spam filter which gives the same result as that of BitDefender’s spam filter.


  • Network protection: This features safeguards your network ports and consists of an active firewall protection. They list you with the system hardwares and you have the freedom to assign a profile to each one. You can also control the functioning of port scanning manually.
  • Parent control: The parental control feature of Adaware gives you option to select age based templates, so that you don’t have to manually configure the settings. They block your children from viewing unwanted contents and prevent them from adult websites.
  • Email protection: The email protection feature protects your device from malicious links and attachments. Using email protection you can create and manage your safe sender list. When this option is activated, you can block emails from untrusted sources. This can avoid unnecessary scans.

The interface of this software is simple and well designed. You can easily spot different features. They are orderly arranged in a pattern in the sidebar. In this interface, most of the features can be toggled on and off by using a simple slider.

According to the customer review, Adaware can instantly scan 50 GB of data within 4 minutes.

Adaware can be subscribed for Rs.2, 200 for one device/year. The advanced version Adaware total is available for Rs.3000 for one device/year.

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